Elia relies on e-power® to support Belgium's high-voltage grid


e-power® wins new tender from Belgian system operator Elia for the supply of 250 emergency diesel generators to provide emergency backup to all critical high-voltage substations by 2030.

Elia is the operator of the Belgian high-voltage grid and is responsible for the transmission of electricity. As a system operator, Elia makes the high-voltage grid available for transmission from generation to distribution systems and ensures the balance between supply and demand.

Elia's high-voltage grid is a key pillar of the Belgian energy system. A high-performance electricity infrastructure contributes to the development of the Belgian economy and the well-being of society. Elia develops and builds its electricity transmission grid, from 30 kV to 400 kV, on land and offshore. Its grid is connected to the European transmission grid.

e-power® as a partner for a reliable, sustainable and affordable energy system for future generations

Elia trusts e-power® to provide all critical high-voltage substations on our Belgian territory with an emergency power generator.

Our electricity is generated in Belgium and in neighbouring countries in power stations of various types: nuclear power stations, thermal power stations, wind energy, solar energy, etc. Our Belgian grid is connected to the electricity grids of our neighbouring countries which in turn are interconnected with their surrounding countries.

Certain events in our country or in neighbouring countries can cause an energy imbalance or shortage, leading to a loss of high voltage. This is a kind of snowball effect where it is possible for the high voltage to drop in several countries, resulting in a "black out."

When the high voltage returns, energy is needed in the various high-voltage substations in order to switch correctly.

For this reason, Elia has decided to install emergency generators (in addition to the backup batteries already in place, which have a limited autonomy). The e-power® emergency generators are started up automatically and ensure that the high-voltage substations have electricity to recharge the batteries, for lighting and heating, etc. so that Elia agents can work and switch safely in the event of a blackout.

In 2017, Elia's first "Frame agreement" for 206 diesel generators was awarded to e-power®. Concretely, e-power® will have delivered all the foreseen units by the end of this year. In addition to the installation, a 20-year maintenance contract is also provided.

In 2022, a new "Frame agreement" was awarded to e-power®, whereby e-power® will supply another 250 diesel units. This should enable Elia to provide all critical high-voltage substations in Belgium with an emergency power backup by 2030.

A high-voltage substation is a typical situation that requires the constant availability of energy. e-power® is therefore particularly proud that Elia is counting on its expertise and experience in the event of an unexpected grid failure.