We would like to inform you about the influence of REACH regulations (EU regulation 1907/2006 concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization of Chemicals) which are in force since June 2007. REACH is the ordinance that enables the identification of hazardous chemical substances in Europe, as well as the gradual run-down of its production.

E-power Generators only delivers finished products, referred to as 'items' in REACH. Furthermore, we don't purchase items from outside the EC and/or we don't put items on the market which contain chemical substances that are intended to be released during normal and reasonably foreseeable conditions of use. E-power Generators is a Downstream User (DU) for some products used for our industrial activity.

Based on the reasons stated above, we can conclude that, at this moment, the only obligations e-power has in respect of REACH, is exchange of information about the used products. We have retrieved material safety data sheets (MSDS) of all these products and we will put these on our website under 'Policy' as item No. 6 as soon as we have these in our possession. If you don't have access to this section, please contact us.

Regarding the list with substances with very high concern (SVHC), we extensively surveyed our suppliers whether the goods we use contain substances mentioned on the list or not. Until now, we haven't got goods containing these substances. If our suppliers inform us that we do receive goods containing these substances, taking the last additions of the SCHC list into account, we will inform our customers by publishing this on our website under this item.