E-power Generators develops, produces, sells and maintains generating sets from 1 to 600kVA. Generating sets are machines that generate electricity in places where there is none. E-power supplies its generators to more than 50 countries through B2B partners.

In the first place, our team wants continuously to increase the value of the company for its customers. It strives for the same value increase for its suppliers, employees and other stakeholders by delivering high-quality products on time (as agreed) to its customers, according to the requirements of these customers, the rules of the art and the legal regulations.

The quality policy also specifies that e-power Generators wants continuously to improve its quality system. The products and processes that are applied, of course, meet the ecological principles that are prevalent in the market. The general values and norms that form the company’s culture lead to strong customer confidence, or we could even say trust, in both our products as our services we offer. A customer chooses e-power for its reliability, speed, flexibility, customer orientation, customization and responsibility.