e-power® launches new business in Australia and New Zealand, featuring an expanded product range with local support

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e-power® is the biggest producer in the Benelux region of power generators for various applications, including industry, leisure, agriculture, construction, welding, mobile vehicles, rental, backup, and more. Our power solutions are developed and manufactured in Belgium, in the heart of Europe, and sold globally through dealers with whom e-power® maintains long-standing relationships. Today, e-power® has taken the next step, expanding its operations to Australia and New Zealand. Additionally, local staff will be available to assist everyone with inquiries and/or orders as soon as possible.

The expansion of e-power® into Australia and New Zealand is characterized by strategic partnerships with renowned companies in the region like Clark Cranes / Hybrid Ampz Pty Ltd, Genelite, and Q-Power. These partners will bring e-power® products to the market.

"The decision to expand operations into Australia and New Zealand comes at a crucial moment, as the demand for sustainable energy solutions in these regions is rapidly growing." says Kurt Van Dal, CEO of e-power® group. "By providing local support and entering into strategic partnerships, e-power® appears well-positioned to meet this growing demand and have a positive impact on the transition to a more sustainable energy future in Australia and New Zealand."

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Investing in sustainable solutions is investing in the future!

"Our hybrid solution, the so-called P-Grid, is a power group where we provide a combination of a generator and batteries. This advanced solution combines battery and hybrid diesel generator technologies, reducing fuel consumption by up to 90%. The P-Grid essentially offers the benefits of a battery pack with the reliability of a generator." says Joe Gavin, CCO of e-power® group.

"With our hydrogen generator, we rely on the well-known and reliable technology of the combustion engine. By basing our set on this technology, we can keep these sets affordable." says Jens Fets, Business Support Director at e-power®. "With a few modifications to the engine, we can make this combustion engine work on 100% hydrogen. Even the purity of the hydrogen can be significantly lower than that required for fuel cells."

hydrogen power generator by e-power